I was honored when Stephen Kiesling, the editor of Spirituality & Healthasked me to contribute content on addressing chronic pain with psychological strategies for the magazine. I ended up having a lot to say, and compiled it into a 5-page feature for the Jan/Feb 2018 issue! In the feature I describe the role of psychology in the experience and treatment of pain, and most importantly — how pain can serve as a useful teacher that guides life choices, encouraging adaptation and correction where needed. Nobody wants chronic pain, but here I illustrate stories — including my own — wherein pain presented an opportunity for positive adaptation and growth. Pain is not commonly framed in those terms, and I hope you enjoy the discussion. Stephen encouraged me to include my story in a side-bar “The Making of a Pain Psychologist.” Lastly, this article is practical. I included a 3-step actionable plan for empowered pain relief. The issue is on newsstands now, and it’s also available for purchase online for immediate reading. Also in this issue are great articles on practices for cultivating future happiness and anti-inflammatory nutritional practices — two topics that are highly relevant for pain relief!

Happy Reading,