San Francisco Chronicle editorial on the pain and opioid crises, and a national call to action

My editorial published today in the San Francisco Chronicle. Topic: the pain and opioid crises, and what we need to do differently as a nation. The IOM Report, the National Pain Strategy, and the Pain Psychology Task Force at the American Academy of Pain Medicine are cited. 

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Dr. Kate Lorig on the National Pain Strategy: The Golden Age of Self-Management

The 2016 National Pain Strategy has placed self-management firmly in the spotlight as a critical pathway to better treat pain in the U.S. Kate Lorig, DrPH Cue Dr. Kate Lorig, the Godmother of Self-Management. Dr. Lorig spearheaded the development of self-management education and treatment at Stanford University 3 decades ago, beginning with the Arthritis Self-Management Program. She and colleagues studied participant outcomes for her program and demonstrated some of the best results for any behavioral or educational [...]

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