Below are free pain education articles and podcasts where I discuss topics such as:

  • The role of psychology in the experience of pain

  • How pain is best treated with a comprehensive approach

  • How to minimize need and use of opioids for chronic pain

  • Why pain psychology is vital for women's pain management

  • The importance of calming the nervous system for pain control -- and how to do it!

  • How people living with chronic pain can become empowered to need fewer doctors and fewer pills

  • Surprising factors that impact pain, such as history of childhood trauma

  • Various novel ways to treat pain, such as virtual reality!


December 2016. ABCNews TV interviews Beth Darnall in a feature on pain psychology and its role in effective interdisciplinary pain care and opioid reduction. Watch the TV interview here

December 2016. Pain Medicine News features Beth Darnall’s research that is helping women scheduled for breast cancer learn techniques to reduce pre-surgical distress and post-surgical pain. “Beyond Opioids: Surgeons Explore New Approaches To Pain Control” (author Christina Fragou). Read it here.

November 2016. KOMO News Radio in Seattle featured Beth Darnall in an interview on chronic pain, the importance of psychology, and how to minimize opioids. (Host: Herb Weisbaum.

October 2016. Stanford University's Paul Costello interviews Beth Darnall, PhD for Stanford Medicine Scope Blog and for his acclaimed "1:2:1" Podcast entitled "Beth Darnall on opioid-free pain relief". Listen to the podcast here.

October 2016. Stanford Medicine publishes “5 questions: Beth Darnall on opioids and pain management” (author: Jana Chow). Read it here.

October 2016. The Guardian publishes Liza Aufrichtig's story "Period pain: why do so many women suffer from menstrual cramps in silence?" and includes Beth Darnall as a pain expert. Read it here.

October 2016. Roy Richards interviews Beth Darnall, PhD for “Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age” and they discuss the importance of you—the patient—in best managing pain.

September 2016. Stanford Medicine publishes “Shifting the focus from opioids to life beyond pain: A Q&A with pain expert Beth Darnall” (author: Jana Chow). Read it here.

September 2016MPR features Beth Darnall, PhD for the article "Applying CBT and Mindfulness in Pain Management" (Author: Florence Chaverneff, PhD). Read it here.

September 2016.  Clinical Pain Advisor interviews Beth Darnall, PhD about her PAINWeek presentation in the article "Biopsychosocial Treatment Effective for Pain" (Author Florence Chaverneff, PhD). Read it here.

September 2016National Pain Report publishes a story on Stanford Free Back Pain Education Day, co-chaired by Beth Darnall, PhD and Sean Mackey, MD, PhD (Author: Ed Coghlan). Read it here.

September 2016The Times of India quotes Beth Darnall, PhD as a pain expert for a feature on virtual reality" (Authors Ian King & Caroline Chen - Bloomberg News reprint) Read it here.

September 2016Health IT Outcomes quotes Beth Darnall, PhD as a pain expert in a story on virtual reality "Dropping Virtual Reality Prices Yields Better Opportunities For Healthcare." (Author: Christine Kern). Read it here.

September 2016Pain News Network interviews Beth Darnall, PhD for a feature on her book and binaural audio to treat pain: "Can 3-D Sound Technology Silence Pain?" (Author: Pat Anson). Read it here.

September 2016The Orlando Sentinel quotes Beth Darnall, PhD in the story “Overdoses on combined prescriptions plague white women.” (Authors: Kimberly Kindy and Dan Keating). Read it here.

August 2016. New York Magazine features Beth Darnall, PhD’s scientific opinion in the story “Is Menopause Partly to Blame for Record Painkiller Addiction Among White Women?” (author Susan Rinkunas). Read it here.

August 2016. quotes Beth Darnall, PhD in the story “Helpful alone, deadly together: Overdoses on combined prescriptions plague white women.” (Authors: Kimberly Kindy and Dan Keating). Read it here.

August 2016. Techvibes features Beth Darnall’s clinical opinion in the story “Can virtual reality distract hospital patients from pain in a way drugs can’t?” (author: Knowlton Thomas). Read it here.

August 2016. Five To Thrive Radio (an iHeart Radio station) features Beth Darnall, PhD in a live discussion about her books, reducing opioids and treating pain differently. (Hosts: Lise Alschuler and Karolyn GazellaListen here.

August 2016. Bloomberg News quotes Beth Darnall, PhD as a pain expert in a story on virtual reality as a pain relief tool: "Hospitals Try Giving Patients a Dose of VR" (Authors: Ian King and Caroline Chen). Read it here.

August 2016Daily Kos publishes Beth Darnall's opinion in "The Opioid Epidemic: How bad is it and who does it hurt?" The article discusses the dearth of long term opioid research and the politics of opioid policy (Author: Susan Grigsby). Read it here.

August 2016. BlogCritics' Patricia Gale interviews Beth Darnall, PhD about her latest book, "The Opioid-Free Pain Relief Kit". Read it here.

August 2016.  Jane Anderson gives a professional review of "Less Pain, Fewer Pills" in Bizbooks and Beyond.

August 2016. Care2 publishes Beth Darnall’s bylined article 5 Pain Relief TipsRead it here.

August 2016. Pain Medicine News features Dr. Eric Sun’s (co-author Beth Darnall) JAMA Internal Medicine publication showing link between common surgeries and risk for prolonged opioid use one year later. (Author: Mia Garchitorena). Read it here.

August 2016. BlogCritics reviews Beth Darnall's book The Opioid-Free Pain Relief Kit (c) 2016. (Author: Patricia Gale). Read it here.

August 2016Clinical Psychiatry Advisor features Beth Darnall and the work of the entire Pain Psychology Task Force at the American Academy of Pain Medicine in the article "The Importance of Pain Psychology Curricula in Training and Education." (Author: Tori Rodriguez, MA, LPC). Read it here.

July 2016The Donna Seebow Show hosts Beth Darnall, PhD for a live radio interview about chronic pain and how to treat it with fewer pills. Listen here.

July 2016InnerSelf publishes Beth's bylined article on tips for success with opioid tapering. Read it here.

July 2016. Dr. Karen Litzy interviews Beth Darnall, PhD for her popular show Healthy, Wealthy and Smart. Beth talks about the mission to help people with chronic pain have less pain and need fewer pills. Listen here.

July 2016. Dr. Joe Tatta hosts Beth Darnall, PhD on The Healing Pain Podcast, an hour-long video interview about pain, psychology, how to need less pain medicine, and what's needed to expand access to comprehensive pain care. Watch it here.

July 2016. Florida's NPR News StationsWLRN / WKWM Topical Currents Public Radio interviews Beth Darnall, PhD along with Dr. Joseph Alshon for a live show on chronic pain and reducing opioids. (Host: Joseph Cooper; Producer: Richard Ives).

July 2016. Radio Amerika interviews Beth Darnall, PhD about chronic pain, reducing opioids, and optimizing behavioral pain management. Live interviewed aired in 400 stations in the country (Host: Barb Adams).,

July 2016.  Stanford University's Scope Blog interviews Beth Darnall, PhD for a fun story on insect stings and pain perception (Author: Sara Wykes). Read it here.

June 2016. RadioMD/Naturally Savvy Live Radio Show has Beth Darnall, PhD as a guest to discuss opioids, using pain psychology skills to manage pain and support an opioid taper. (iHeart Radio Talk, TuneIn, iTunes). (Hosts: Lisa Davis and Andrea Donsky). Streamed live here.

June 2016. Beth Darnall, PhD is interviewed by The Kansas City Star on how to reduce opioids by treating pain differently. (Author: Tony PughRead it here.

June 2016. CBS Women's Watch WBZ Radio interviews Beth Darnall, PhD about pain in women and reducing need for opioids using pain psychology skills. Boston's #1 Talk Show. (Host: Ellen Sherman).

June 2016The Philippe Matthews Show features Beth Darnall, PhD on the hour-long live broadcast video interview (also hosted on YouTube). Over 1 million audience reach. (Host: Philippe MatthewsView it here.

June 2016Full Power Living Radio / Emotional Pro radio hosts Beth Darnall, PhD in an hour-long live national radio show on chronic pain, self-empowering psychological approaches, and opioid risks (Host: Ilene Dillon, MSW). Listen here.

June 2016KKNW Healthy YOU interviews Beth Darnall, PhD for an hour-long show about chronic pain, empowering patients with pain psychology, and tapering opioids. Host: Dr. Keesha EwersListen here.

June 2016. WTTB The American Perspective hosts Beth Darnall, PhD for an hour-long discussion on looking beyond opioids for chronic pain. Host: Judyth PiazzaListen here.

May 2016Medscape interviews Beth Darnall, PhD about new research she and her colleagues presented at the American Pain Society annual conference in Austin. "Tools Refined to Assess Catastrophizing in Chronic Pain." (author: Nancy A. Melville). Read it here.

May 2016. Beth Darnall is featured guest on KAYT On Point Talk radio show with Host Carlette Christmas (Melissa Bell, Producer). Alexandria, LA.  Available here.

May 2016WSVA Late Afternoons radio show hosts Beth Darnall in a discussion about chronic pain and the role of psychology in reducing suffering and opioid use. Host: Mike Schikman.  Public radio Madison Univ Station / airs DC (#8 USA radio market) and 4 states. Podcast on

May 2016. Roy Richards radio show "Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age" interviews Beth Darnall, PhD. Host: Roy Richards. Topic: Opioids and Pain Psychology. Listen here.

May 2016.  Let's Get Healthy radio show KJCE 1370 AM Austin, TX live interviews Beth Darnall, PhD regarding alternatives for opioids and pain psychology.  Host:  Bill and Co-Hosts Dr. Marianne Calvanese, ND and Dr. Tess Strickland, ND.  Archived shows available here.

May 2016The National Pain Report interviews Beth Darnall, PhD (author: Ed Coghlan) in a Q&A article "Reduce Opioids- Then What?" Read it here.  Secondary Twitter promotion by Stanford Health Policy and Stanford Medicine.

May 2016. The Kathyrn Zox Show interviews Beth Darnall, PhD (Host: Kathryn Zox). Radio interview available here and also on the Kathryn Zox Show podcast page in iTunes.  

May 2016Malibu Chronicle features Beth Darnall's bylined story: "7 Tips for Tapering Off Prescription Opioids". Read it here.

May 2016. Beth Darnall is the featured guest on NPR Station 88.1 WDIY Radio Show Take Charge of Your Life (Host: Eleanor Bobrow). Topic: Minimizing opioids in chronic pain care.

May 2016.  Blog Critics reviews Beth's book Less Pain, Fewer Pills (author: Patricia Gale). Read it here.

May 2016Pittsburgh Better Times publishes Beth Darnall's bylined article "Pain Psychology: Hitting the Snooze Button on Your 'Harm Alarm.'" Read it here.

May 2016. Health Greatness publishes Beth Darnall's bylined article "Tapering Off Prescription Opioids: 7 Tips for Success." Read it here.

May features Dr. Darnall on this hour-long show discussing pain psychology as a pathway to reduce opioid use. Show is availabe on iTunes and postcast under Alternative Health and the show title (Freedom from Addiction). Show Host: Dr. Winn Henderson.

May 2016Money for Lunch radio show (Host: Bert Martinez, Producer: Amy Tripp). Topic: CDC Opioid Guidelines and how to manage pain without opioids. Listen to the show here.

April 2016Care2HealthyLiving features Beth Darnall's tips on tapering off prescription opioids. Read it here.

April 2016.  National Pain Report features an interview with Beth Darnall, PhD for the article entitled "Catastrophizing Is Real By Any Name." Read it here.

April 2016.  Pain Pathways Magazine publishes a feature interview with Beth Darnall, PhD about her book Less Pain, Fewer Pills: Avoid the dangers of prescription opioids and gain control over chronic pain.  Read it here.

April 2016.  Cooking Light publishes "Meditate Your Way to Better Health" and quotes Dr. Darnall as an expert (author: Karen Asp) Read it here. 

April 2016The San Francisco Chronicle publishes Dr. Darnall's OpEd piece "Treating Pain Requires More Than a Pill" (4/4/16 "Insight"). Read it here.

March 2016.  National Pain Report covers the pain psychology Twitter chat hosted by the Stanford Division of Pain Medicine and Dr. Darnall. #PainPsychChat was attended by the American Academy of Pain Medicine, the American Pain Society, the American Academy of Pain Management, Women in Pain, many individuals, and reached an audience of 66,000.  (author: Ed Coghlan) Read it here.

March 2016. features a front-page article on Dr. Darnall's collaborative study of a voluntary community opioid taper program. Preliminary results show reducing opioids is often associated with less pain. (author: Celia VickersRead it here.

March 2016.  Practical Pain Management PPM reports of pain and fatigue in pediatric lupus, interviews Dr. Darnall on catastrophizing and when treat it. (authors: Forest Tennant, MD, DrPH and Thomas G. Ciccone). Read here.

March 2016Pain News Network covers new research linking increased risk for migraine in adulthood to childhood abuse, interviews Dr. Darnall for comment and opinion (author: Pat Anson). Read here.

February 2016MPR Pain Management publishes video of Dr. Darnall explaining pain psychology and her recent research on a voluntary community-based opioid taper study (presented at the AAPM conference).  View a video abstract of the research findings here.

February 2016.  Psychiatry Advisor publishes "AAPM Task Force: Enhanced Pain Psychology Training Needed for Psychologists" and interviews Dr. Darnall for the story (assistant editor: Laura Stiles). Read it here.

February 2016. MDLinx covers catastrophizing research by Chloe Taub, MA, Beth Darnall, PhD and colleagues. Read the published abstract here.

February 2016.  Clinical Pain Advisor reports on the AAPM Pain Psychology Task Force presentation at the annual meeting and interviews Dr Darnall (assistant editor: Laura Stiles). Read it here.

February 2016MDLinx covers patient satisfaction research conducted by Ian Mackey; Ming-Chih Kao PhD, MD; and Beth Darnall, PhD. Read it here.

January 2016.  National Pain Report publishes a story on the AAPM Pain Psychology Task Force report that was published in late January in Pain Medicine entitled "Pain Psychology: A Global Needs Assessment and National Call to Action" (available free of charge here-  Read the press story here (author Ed Coghlan


September 2015. The Ashville, NC Citizen Times quotes Dr. Darnall’s perspective about pain in the article: Pain in all in your head (author David Nygaard, DC). Read it here.

September 2015. Stanford’s ScopeBlog publishes a follow up report on the Stanford Back Pain Education Day featuring Drs. Mackey and Darnall, and a deeper discussion about chronic pain with Dr. Mackey. Read it here. (author Rina Shaikh-Lesko).

September 2015. Stanford ScopeBlog interviews Beth Darnall about back pain and the Stanford Back Pain Free Education Day. Read it here. (author Rina Shaikh-Lesko)

September 2015. Dr. Darnall’s research and book are featured in the following opioid taper story published in National Pain Report. Read it here.

September 2015. The National Pain Report interviews Beth Darnall and promotes the Stanford Back Pain Free Education Day. Read about it here.

July 2015. Dr. Darnall discusses how her patients are among her greatest mentors in the “Pundit Profile” feature of PainWeek Journal (Read it here; see page 58)

July 2015.  Author Kerry Smith gives a heartfelt testimonial of Less Pain, Fewer Pills in the National Pain Report article “What Doctor’s Don’t Tell Us”. Read it here.

July 2015. Read Dr. Darnall’s article “Empowering Patients with Chronic Pain to Look Beyond Opioids.” PCSS Monthly. (Clinical Support System for Opioid Therapies and Providers' Clinical Support System for Medication Assisted Treatment). Read it here.

June 2015. Dr. Darnall weighs in on the National Pain Report article “Anxiety & Chronic Pain Link Defined”. Read it here.

June 2015. The Sydney Morning Herald quotes Dr. Darnall in a story on back pain “Emotional back pain: the cause for our country’s biggest problem?” (author: Sarah BerryRead it here.

April 2015. Pain News Network features Dr. Darnall in a story on opioid prescribing in chronic low back pain. (author: Pain Anson). Read it here.

April 2015. National Pain Report publishes “A Conversation About Chronic Pain with Beth Darnall, PhD.” In this featured article she discusses the state of pain treatment in the US and what’s needed to for collective advancement. Read it here. (author: Ed Coughlan).

April, 2015. MORE Magazine features Dr. Darnall as an expert on aspects of chronic pain, including sex differences and the psychobiology of pain (author: Nissa Simon). Read it here.

April, 2015. Practical Pain Management features Dr. Darnall as an expert on catastrophizing treatment in the article “Parent’s Play a Role in their Child’s Post-Operative Pain” (author: Thomas G. Ciccone) Read it here.

March, 2015. Practical Pain Management features Dr. Darnall as a pain expert in an article on “TwitterChat Pain in Women.”

March, 2015. Newswire reports on the Dr. Darnall as a recipient of a 2015 Presidential Commendation from the American Academy of Pain Medicine. Read it here.  

March, 2015. Men’s Health Magazine features Dr. Darnall in a story on sex differences in the experience of pain. Read it here.

March, 2015. National Pain Report features Dr. Darnall’s opinion about the value of patient bloggers in the chronic pain community. Read it here.


December, 2014. PainMaps interviews Dr. Darnall on pain psychology, the relaxation response, and opioid risks. Hour-long radio broadcast located here.

December, 2014. National Pain Report features a patient story describing the impact that Dr. Darnall’s work and Less Pain, Fewer Pills has had on his pain experience and life (Author: Kerry Smith). Read it here.

December, 2014. Practical Pain Management features Dr. Darnall and colleague’s research on the single session catastrophizing treatment she developed, and it’s application in the perioperative setting (author Thomas G. Ciccone). Read it here.

December 1, 2014. Women’s Health Magazine includes an interview with Dr. Darnall in a feature on chronic pain for the December 2014 issue.

November 19, 2014 Dr. Darnall is interviewed on Radio MD "NaturallySavvy," a nationally-syndicated radio show. Topic: Pain psychology (host: Lisa Davis).

October 14, 2014Raul Gallyot interviews Dr. Darnall about Less Pain, Fewer Pills on KWMR Radio 89.9 & 90.5FM for the “Airwaves” live show: 
Click here for link.

Sept 29, 2014. Dr. Beth Darnall is interviewed by the National Pain Report in, “Neurologists: Opioid Risks Outweigh Benefits”. Read it here.

Sept 17, 2014. Dr. Beth Darnall is on Dr. Pete Abaci's Health Revolution radio show about Pain Awareness:

Sept 12, 2014. Pat Anson interviews Dr. Beth Darnall in American News Report for the story “Women in Pain Report Significant Gender Bias”. Read it here.

Sept 4, 2014. Dr. Beth Darnall is interviewed by Debra Hughes at MPR for the article, "Calming Patients' Nervous Systems Reduces Pain Intensity and Distress, Opioid Use". Read it here.

Sept 3, 2014. Stanford University's Paul Costello interviews Dr. Beth Darnall about “Less Pain, Fewer Pills” and pain psychology on his nationally acclaimed podcast show “1:2:1” Available here

September 3, 2014. Dr. Darnall is interviewed by the Scope Blog by the Stanford School of Medicine about chronic pain. Read it here.

July 28, 2014. Dr. Darnall is interviewed by about emotions and chronic pain. Read it here.

July 23, 2014. Dr. Beth Darnall writes, "Ask Dr. Beth: How Do I Find a Pain Psychologist?" in the National Pain Report. Read it here.

July 22, 2014. Less Pain, Fewer Pills is reviewed in Painview (journal of the American Society of Pain Educators). Read author Holly Caster’s review.  Read it here.

July 16, 2014. Beth Darnall is interviewed by Brian Grieves on Pain Psychology Methods. Listen here

July 09, 2014Dr. Peter Breggin, renowned psychiatrist interviews Dr. Darnall on Peter Breggin Radio (give site info here0. Hear their discussion about Less Pain, Fewer Pillspodcast available here.

July 2, 2014Jamie Glick MS, PT interviews Beth Darnall her new book Less Pain, Fewer Pills: Avoid the Dangers of Prescription Opioids and Gain Control over Chronic Pain.  Available from iTunes here.

2014 Read coverage of the “Mind Over Pill” symposium at the 2014 Annual Conference of the American Academy of Pain Medicine (Darnall, Sullivan, Prasad). Read it here.


December 18, 2013 “Ask Dr. Beth, Pain Psychologist” column features a discussion on eating behavior within the context of chronic pain. Read it here

December 4, 2013. Dr. Darnall was the featured guest on 103.3 FM WXOJ radio program (live streamed at Topics of discussion were pain catastrophizing, pain psychology, and her forthcoming book, Less Pain, Fewer Pills.

November 26, 2013. “Ask Dr. Beth, Pain Psychologist” column features a discussion on what to do when someone doubts your pain. Read it here.

July 23, 2013. Dr. Darnall was the featured guest on “Five to Thrive” live radio show. In this hour-long show she discussed chronic pain, stress, and the immune system. Audio is also available on iTunes. Listen here.

July 2013. "Ask Dr. Beth, Pain Psychologist" column features a discussion on 'what is a pain psychologist?' Read it here.

July 2013. Dr. Darnall is featured in a National Pain Report story of the CDC press release discussing a rapid rise in opioid-related deaths among American women in the past decade (Author: Pat Anson). Read it here.

July 2013. Natural Medicine Journal features Dr. Darnall in a pain management expert podcast a wide variety of issues associated with opioid use, including advice on how practitioners can help their patients transition off their pain medications safely and effectively (Radio Show Host: Karolyn Gazella). Available here.

June 2013. Dr. Darnall’s opinion on medical education for chronic pain care is featured here in the American News Report (Editor: Pat Anson). Read it here.

June 2013The National Pain Report launches Dr. Beth Darnall’s column “Ask Dr. Beth, Pain Psychologist.”  Read it here.

May 2013. American News Report quotes Dr. Beth Darnall in a story discussing research on the links between trauma, stress, and chronic pain. Read it here.

April 2013. Dr. Darnall provides commentary on new research that describes the link between history of abuse and the development of chronic pain in this National Pain Report article. Read it here

April 2013 The National Pain Report includes Dr. Darnall’s expert opinion on history of trauma and pain sensitivity in women. Read it here.

March 2013. Dr. Beth Darnall & Dr. Brett Stacey’s recommendations for safe opioid prescribing practices in women are quoted in this article in the National Pain Report, “Older Patients More at Risk of Painkiller Addiction After Surgery.”  Read it here.


2012 The Lund Report features Dr. Darnall and colleagues’ research on the risks and consequences of long-term opioid use in women (author: Raymond Redelman). Read it here.

2012 The Portland Tribune features Dr. Darnall as an expert in an article on the placebo effect: “A Pill to Cure All Ills? It’s Just in Our Heads” (author: Peter Korn). Read it here.

2012 The International Association for the Study of Pain discusses Dr. Darnall’s Vietnam mirror therapy workshops and expansion of this outreach work into Cambodia. Read it here on page 16.

2012 story entitled “Managing the Stress of Chronic Pain” features Dr. Darnall and her approach to treating patients via pain psychology (author: Maureen Healy). Read it here.

2012 American News Report discusses Drs. Darnall & Stacey’s Archives of Internal Medicine (now JAMA Internal Medicine) commentary on the risks of long term opioid use in women. Read it here.

2012 Everyday Health published an interview with Dr. Darnall on the topic of how to maximize efficiency when challenged with fibromyalgia. Read it here.

2012 OregonLive and The Oregonian feature Dr. Darnall’s mirror therapy research with an updated report on her 2012 study findings (author: Joe Rojas): 

2012 The Asian Reporter covered Dr. Darnall’s IASP-funded mirror therapy training workshops in Vietnam. Read it here on page 9.

2012 Radio show KXL 750 featured Dr. Darnall as an expert guest in January. Her interview on phantom pain, mirror therapy, and the Vietnam outreach project may be read here.