Evidenced-Based Innovations

One in three individuals worldwide is living with ongoing pain of some type, and pain is relevant to everyone during their lifetime.

Beth investigates how pain can be altered by people harnessing the power of their mind to shape the nervous system toward pain relief. That’s a concept that is powerful for patients.

Her evidence-based clinical innovations for pain relief create an empowering and accessible way for people with chronic pain or surgical pain to have fewer symptoms and greater comfort. Her brief, low-cost, and digital pain treatments are available in French and English, and have been adopted by clinicians and healthcare systems throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia, and Switzerland.

“Empowered Relief”

  • Her NIH-funded work investigates targeted and brief pain psychology treatments she designed for chronic pain, such as her two-hour single-session pain class “Empowered Relief”. “Empowered Relief” healthcare clinician certification workshops are delivered internationally.
  • Her integrative approach works alongside medical treatments and has been shown to improve treatment outcomes.

“My Surgical Success”

  • She creates and investigates digital behavioral medicine for patients with chronic pain. These treatments are fully automated, and expand access to pain care for underserved populations. These include internet-based treatment and virtual reality for acute and chronic pain.
  • Beth created “My Surgical Success”, an evidence-based, fully online (digital) and free behavioral medicine treatment for pain and opioid reduction that patients can access from the comfort of their own home. Early research found that “My Surgical Success” reduced need for opioid medication after breast cancer surgery (compared to a health education control group). Her team is collaborating with researchers at the Cleveland Clinic and at La Tour Hospitals in Switzerland to investigate “My Surgical Success” across multiple surgical populations.

Patient-Centered Opioid Research

  • She is the principal investigator for the EMPOWER study, a 4-state voluntary patient-centered study on voluntary opioid tapering and behavioral medicine treatments for pain. She consults with healthcare organizations, federal agencies, and clinicians on opioid stewardship for patients who wish to reduce opioids, and protecting all patients from harmful opioid reduction policies and practices. Beth believes that improving access to pain care includes ensuring that the patients who need prescription opioids have access to them.