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The Opioid-Free Pain Relief Kit: 10 Simple Steps to Ease Your Pain

The Opioid-Free Pain Relief Kit: 10 Simple Steps to Ease Your Pain is an easy-to-read resource that’s chock full of information that patients can put to use immediately. It is for the everyday individual who is missing crucial information about their pain: How they can best help themselves.

Congratulations! Picking up this book shows you want to help yourself feel better. That’s the first step toward having less pain and using less pain medication. You are not alone. About 100 million Americans—one in three people—have ongoing pain. It can be mild or very strong, come in waves or always be present, be simply annoying or make your normal life hard to live. Pain is the most common reason people visit their doctor. Many people mistakenly believe that chronic pain is best treated simply by taking powerful painkillers, also known as opioids. But people who think pills are the only answer are mistaken, because the best treatment for chronic pain includes much more than pills. In fact, the most important part of pain treatment isn’t your medication or even your doctor: it’s YOU. This book gives you the right road map and skills to help you reduce your own pain, so you need less medication. It is a formula for success—your own personal pain relief kit.

This book is recommended for patients.

“I met with Beth for one hour when I went to Stanford for an evaluation. Even the little bit she told me about her methods in that hour, such as using cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, and mindfulness principles, helped me be more comfortable on the flight home that afternoon. I felt as though I had something to do for myself and not only take medications. That was a very good feeling,” says Shelley Latin, a lawyer from Oregon who suffered from debilitating pain for six years before being treated at the Stanford Pain Management Center, Stanford Health Care.

Shelley, patient at Stanford Health Care