Beth Darnall, PhD, is Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She frequently speaks on the following topics:

  • The science of ‘whole-person’ pain care
  • Scalable behavioral pain therapeutics (digital and brief treatments for acute and chronic pain)
  • Opioid stewardship and patient protections from forced opioid reduction and associated iatrogenic harms
  • Integration of behavioral medicine for pain in primary care and surgical care pathways

Key speaking engagements

  • 2022 International Speaker, Swiss Pain Congress (Dec)
  • 2022 Keynote speaker, Dutch Pain Society annual meeting (Dec)
  • 2021 Keynote speaker, Danish Pain Society annual meeting (March)
  • 2020 Speaker, NIH Pain Consortium (June 2020)
  • 2020 Keynote speaker, New Zealand Pain Society (March)
  • 2019 Keynote speaker, Australian Pain Society. Gold Coast, AUS
  • 2019 Invited testimony to the FDA on iatrogenic harms from forced opioid tapering and the need for patient-centered protections
  • 2018 National Institutes of Health. Applying psychological science for pain relief and opioid reduction across the continuum of care
  • 2018 Congressional Briefing on the Opioid Response Act of 2018
  • 2018 World Economic Forum. Davos, Switzerland. The Psychology of Pain Relief

WATCH: Dr. Beth Darnall discusses her and her colleagues’ research on “My Surgical Success” and its implications for the broader field of digital innovations in pain management.