Beth Darnall, PhD, is an advocate for patient-centered pain treatment and policy. As an expert in this field, she is frequently quoted in prestigious media outlets including ABC News, O Magazine, Forbes, WebMD, Scientific American, The Washington Post, BBC Radio, and TIME Magazine.

Select Recent Press Coverage

National Public Radio includes Beth Darnall among pain experts on “Morning Edition” national broadcast (May 20, 2019) entitled “How the Brain Shapes Pain and Links Emotion with Ouch.” (host: Jon Hamilton). May 2019

The Observer features Beth Darnall’s research in the article “Harnessing the Power of the Mind for Pain Relief.” (author: Kim Armstrong). April 2019

Forbes publishes a feature on the international stakeholder letter effort led by Beth Darnall, submitted to HHS, and published in Pain Med. (author: Joshua Cohen). Jan 2019

Goop publishes a feature Q&A with Beth Darnall in the article  “Understanding –and Treating—the Emotional and Physical Roots of Chronic Pain.” Jan 2019

Reuter’s Health wire service publishes this article featuring the international stakeholder letter effort led by Beth Darnall, submitted to HHS, and published in Pain Med: “Rapidly taking patients off opioids might not be a good idea, experts say.” This wire article was picked up by 10 news outlets in Asia, Europe and North America. (author: Tamara Mathias). Dec 2018

The American Psychological Association’s APA Monitor on Psychology features Beth Darnall, her clinician book, and her single-session pain psychology class in the article “The Rise of Non-Drug Pain Treatments” (author: Lea Winerman). November 2018.

The Hill publishes Beth Darnall’s OpEd entitled “Addressing the Dual Crises of Pain and Opioids: A Case for Patient-Centeredness in Pain Research and Treatment”. October 2018.

Scientific American features Beth Darnall in this article on prescription opioid tapering: “How to help pain patients cut back on opioids” (author: Claudia Wallis). September 2018.

National Pain Report features letter drafted by Beth Darnall and sent to HHS with the support of 100 national and international signatories. “As Meeting Nears – Message to HHS – No Forced Tapers” (author: Ed Coghlan). September 2018.

Stanford ScopeBlog features Beth Darnall’s upcoming Congressional Briefing on her research on opioid reduction and behavioral medicine. “Looking beyond opioids Stanford pain psychologist briefs Congress” (author: Jennifer Huber). September 2018.

Medscape publishes a feature interview with Beth Darnall on the psychology of pain and what it means to cancer treatment: “Optimal Cancer Pain Management Means Understanding Pain Psychology” (by Lidia Schapira, MD). July 2018.

Scientific American publishes Beth’s writings on her science on pain psychology and mindset interventions for pain relief and opioid reduction: “Change your mindset, reduce your chronic pain” (author: Beth Darnall). April 2018.

U.S News and World Report features Beth Darnall and her research team’s JAMA Internal Medicine opioid tapering research in the article “Some Pain Patients Can Cut Opioid Dose and Still Get Relief” (author: Serena Gordon). February 2018.

BBC World Service radio features Beth Darnall and Sean Mackey in The Why Factor episode “Why We Need to Learn More About Pain” (host: Sandra Kanthal). February 2018.

MedPage reports on Beth Darnall and her team’s research on patient-centered voluntary opioid tapering. “How One Pain Clinic Tapered Opioid Use” (author: Judy George). February 2018.

Spirituality & Health magazine publishes a bylined article by Beth Darnall on the Tao of Chronic Pain & Treatment. Jan/Feb 2018 issue, pages 50-55. (author: Beth Darnall). January 2018.

The Washington Post publishes “Stanford Researchers: The secret to overcoming the opioid crisis may lie partly in the mind.” (authors: Darnall & Seppala). September 2017.

TIME Magazine publishes “3 Science-backed ways to relieve pain and stress” (authors: Seppala & Darnall). September 2017.

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) announces $8.8 million award to principal investigator Beth Darnall to study pain and opioid reduction in a multi-state patient-centered comparative effective trial. Press release here. September 2017.

Scientific American features Beth Darnall’s approach to patient care in “Treating Pain Without Pills” (author: Stephani Sutherland, Ph.D.). May 2017.

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